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Warren Buffett, Tano Santos, value investing and Columbia Business School.
Economics & Policy

Why Value Investing is Making a Comeback

Professor Tano Santos, the Faculty Director of Value Investing and Advanced Value Investing programs at Columbia Business School, outlines the reasons why value investing is returning to a period of ascendancy.

Columbia Business School Professor Abby Joseph Cohen and Glenn Hubbard, dean emeritus of the school and director of the Chazen Institute.
Economics & Policy

What Will Drive the Global Markets in 2023?

Columbia Business School Professor Abby Joseph Cohen recently joined former Dean Glenn Hubbard to discuss the forces that could shape the economy and markets in the year ahead.

Columbia Business School Professors Oded Netzer, Christopher Frank and Paul Magnone.
Data & Business Analytics

How Can Leaders Use Data to Make Better Decisions?

Columbia Business School Professors Oded Netzer, Christopher Frank and Paul Magnone discuss their new book, Decisions Over Decimals, which offers a roadmap for effective decision-making when using data.

Economics & Policy, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

5 Questions About Value Investing and Finance

Professor Tano Santos, the Faculty Director of Value Investing and Advanced Value Investing programs at Columbia Business School, discusses the school’s approach to teaching value investing and finance.

Data & Business Analytics

Driving Business Efficiencies at Uber Freight

Find out how Columbia Business School graduate Bar Ifrach, PhD ’12, now senior director of applied science and head of marketplace at Uber Freight, uses data to solve high-impact business problems.

Economics & Policy

How Will Working From Home Impact Office Real Estate?

Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, the Earle W. Kazis and Benjamin Schore Professor of Real Estate at Columbia Business School, discusses his new research on the impact of remote work on the New York City commercial real estate sector.

5 Questions About Real Estate and Finance With Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

Columbia Business School’s Earle W. Kazis and Benjamin Schore Professor of Real Estate Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh discusses the growing use of data in real estate and the school’s latest curricular innovations.

What Globalization Means to Me

Gita Johar, the vice dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the Meyer Feldberg Professor of Business, offers her take on globalization.

The Workplace

Do Virtual Communications Curb Creativity?

Assistant Professor of Marketing at Columbia Business School Melanie Brucks and Jonathan Levav, a professor of marketing at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, discuss the findings in their new paper on the shift away from in-person interaction at work and how it affects innovation.

Increasing Connections With Others

Professor Michael Slepian discusses his latest research on how to foster feelings of inclusion, belonging, and authenticity at the workplace and the world at large.

The Intersection of Housing and Technology With Inclusive Leadership

Robert Reffkin ’03, founder and CEO of Compass, discusses with Professor Christopher Mayer his optimism about the present and future of the housing market and emphasizes the importance of building a company that focuses on inclusivity.

Social Impact

Introducing The Hub, A New Think Tank to Tackle Society’s Most Pressing Challenges

The new Columbia Business School initiative aims to equip current and future business leaders with the tools necessary to bring about positive change.

Investing in the Era of Climate Change

Columbia Business School Professor Bruce Usher discusses his new book, which looks at the risks and opportunities for investors as the world tackles the challenge of climate change.

5 Questions With Gernot Wagner, Climate Economist

Professor Gernot Wagner discusses his work in climate economics, his views on urgent climate policy challenges, and what makes him optimistic for the future.


The Value of Authenticity in our Professional and Personal Lives

From Facebook to the boardroom, both corporations and individuals are called on to be our “authentic” selves, but what does authenticity really mean and why is it so powerful?

2020: A Test of Leadership

A look at what it meant to be a leader in a year unlike any other.

Learning Leadership Strategies From the Workplace and Protests

Professors Stephan Meier and Dan Wang explain how the pandemic and the demonstrations for racial justice are already influencing future business leaders.

Data & Business Analytics

5 Questions About Data And Analytics With Professor Oded Netzer

Columbia Business School Professor of Business and Vice Dean of Research Oded Netzer discusses the growing use of data analytics within organizations and how the school’s curriculum is designed to equip MBAs for the digital future.

Improving Healthcare During COVID-19 through Analytics

How can we use data and models to predict trends, improve care, and better manage the spread of diseases?

Data Science in Marketing

Facebook principal scientist Shawndra Hill and Professor Olivier Toubia examine the past, present, and future of the role of data science in marketing.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

CBS Startup Stories: Wandering Bear Coffee

Founders Matt Bachmann ’15 and Ben Gordon ’15 share lessons learned while building their multi–million-dollar company.

Long-Term Vision in Venture Capital and the Upsides to Being an Entrepreneur in a Downturn

Professor of Professional Practice Angela Lee explains how there are opportunities for investors during the pandemic even though she believes the worst of the downturn is yet to come.

The Impact of COVID-19 on US Entrepreneurship

Management professor Jorge Guzman explains why allowing new businesses access to relief funds will play an essential role in an economic recovery. Close-captioned.


What’s the Impact of the 2020 Presidential Election on Businesses?

Faculty experts and alumni business leaders discuss how the incoming administration will affect retail, healthcare, and energy infrastructure.


Hospitals and Supply Chains in View of COVID-19

Health experts discuss ways to improve hospital management, the best tactics for resource allocation, and the drastic systemic changes occurring amidst the COVID-19 health crisis. Close-captioned.

Rise to the challenge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of business, while bringing historical inequities and injustice into sharp relief.

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