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Gabby Slome, co-founder of Ollie and Cooper
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

From Founder to CEO: CBS Alum Gabby Slome Shares Her Entrepreneurship Journey

‘For me, it’s definitely about finding my inspiration through things like personal pain points.’

Value Investing Program Columbia Business School
Economics & Policy

Value Investing: How CBS is Staying Ahead of the Curve

Learn how Columbia Business School is updating its acclaimed value investing curriculum to align with a rapidly changing financial landscape.

Carolyn Butler entrepreneur startup circular economy
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

A Tech Entrepreneur Shaping a Truly Circular Economy

Carolyn Butler ’18 talks about creating a blueprint for the first truly circular business model in the US apparel industry.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

A Fintech Entrepreneur Bolstering Main Street Businesses

Kelly Ifill ’17 chats about career pivots, community, and her commitment to supporting Black and brown entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Biotech Entrepreneur Grows Strong Bones and a Strong Business

Nina Tandon ’12 talks about the origin of EpiBone and overcoming the challenges facing women entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Female Founders: CBS Alumnae Talk About Success in Tech

These dynamic entrepreneurs discuss the tech businesses they’ve launched, navigating COVID, and ways women founders can prevail over their unique obstacles.

Napoleon’s Glance: Developing Strategic Intuition

What aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from history’s greatest strategists

Digital Literacy for Decision Makers: Smart Messaging for Entrepreneurs

Understanding how a digital identity and an engaged audience can create powerful influence across industries

Economics & Policy

The Fed and Interest Rates: Is Flexibility the Best Approach?

Professor Pierre Yared talks about his recent research, which looks at the rising popularity of guiding monetary policy through target-based rules.

Interest Rates and Inflation: What’s Next for the Federal Reserve?

Professor Pierre Yared describes why the U.S. economy is unlikely to see an economic downturn comparable with the 1970s.

Is the U.S. in Recession? CBS Experts Weigh in on the Economic Outlook

New data has sparked a debate about the state of the economy. Here’s what some of our faculty members had to say.

Social Impact

Can We Curb Fake News? Smart Research May Provide the Answer

Professor Gita Johar shares research insights on why it spreads, spotting who shares it, and a multi-pronged approach to reduce it.

‘We Are Bigger Than Our Problems’

Three takeaways from the 2022 Brazil Climate Summit held at Columbia Business School’s Manhattanville campus

Four Investment Strategies to Combat Climate Change

CBS professor Bruce Usher discusses his book and its most important takeaways for investors.

Data & Business Analytics

Understanding the Impact of Breakthrough Technologies

Dean Costis Maglaras discusses his new class, shares thoughts on returning to the classroom after three years.

‘Hyper-Speed and Hyper-Scale’

Meeting the Demands of the Digital Age

The Next Generation of Finance

As technology, data and analytics transform industries like finance, CBS is keeping pace by offering a curriculum that addresses the resulting changes.


Five Dangerous Catchphrases That Lead Organizations Astray

For business, common knowledge can be an enemy of clear thinking.

The Truth About Priorities: Five is Probably the Wrong Number

Rethinking the orthodoxies of setting priorities.

Be Yourself in Your Next Selfie

New research shows that authenticity on social media leads to an increased sense of well-being.

The Workplace

What Skills Should Finance Students Seek to Acquire in School?

I put this and other questions to four of my friends on the Street with different functional titles and backgrounds. Here are their thoughts.

Firms With Overseas Networks Had an Early Warning About COVID-19

Companies with networks in China and Italy responded to the pandemic and enacted work-from-home policies faster than local governments.

What’s a Fair Price in a Pandemic?

New research highlights the role of value when judging fairness.


Thinking Bigger: Beyond Brainstorming

Revolutionizing How We Ideate: Leveraging Neuroscience and Choice Theory

The Awesome Power of Questions

How the wrong questions produce the wrong answers

Curricular Innovations: Leading and Managing at Hyperspeed and Hyperscale

A strong focus on data, analytics ensures students have the essential tools to address not only today’s business problems but those of the next decade.


Reducing the Stigma of COVID-19 at Work

Surveying employees using the random rotation method could help keep workers and workplaces safe.

Do Hospital Mergers Bring Down Costs?

New analysis shows that examining marginal costs provides a clearer picture of potential savings.

How To Get COVID-19 Testing Right

Professors Carri Chan, Assaf Zeevi, and Daniel Russo analyze how testing 300 people in New York City for COVID-19 antibodies could help stem a second wave of the pandemic.

Rise to the challenge.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of business, while bringing historical inequities and injustice into sharp relief.

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